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1. Blogging started as a way for visitors to comment on an existing web page. It was an opportunity for readers to voice one’s opinion on the said page. Blogging has progressed from being just a few sentence commentaries to a platform where online advertisers can tap the Internets huge market. Here are few reasons why one cannot ignore the potential of Blogs as an Internet marketing tool.

2. Blogging is simple and easy. Anyone who can write, read and uses the computer can start a blog. It is like writing down your ideas, opinions and experiences or about products on a virtual paper. Anyone with a PC and an Internet connection can blog and advertise.

3. Using Blogs is free. Though blogging has gained popularity, it is yet to be proven as a mainstream media for online advertising thus, companies offer it free. Blogs can be use as free and effective method of advertising.

4. Bloggers use blogs as a media to communicate with their readers. It is an effective way for marketers to know the opinion of the people they are targeting to sell their products to. Blogs allow and encourage the readers to comment on the posts. Smart marketers use blogs to get feedback from their customers.

5. Having a blog can build your credibility. As you get more into writing, posting your knowledge and experiences on your blog, people can relate to you and your opinions. If your readers trust your knowledge on a particular product or industry, you become an expert. They realize they can depend on your post for more information.

6. Blogging can build and expand your market. If your postings are useful information for your readers, you become an expert on your subject, as a result more readers visit your site and more other blogger will link to your blog. Having more sites linking to yours will increase your Page rankings on various search engines. People searching for certain product or information that relates to your blog keywords will then be directed to your site. More visitors more buyers.


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