E-commerce FAQ’s

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Q: Will I be able to add my own products and manage my inventory?

Yes! With our cart you have a very user friendly system to add categories, products, edit images, text descriptions and prices. Click here to see sample

Q: What about tax in different states?

Easy. You have a tax module that allows you to edit the tax per state.

Q: What if I want to provide promo codes or discounts to certain customers?

We can add in a script that will allow you to modify discount when needed. Once month you can provide 10% any purchase over $100 and the next week a new special. This would be all editable through your admin.

Q: What if I want to add a wholesale side?

We create a second level of a wholesale cart for you you. This will be an area that only authorized users can login with a password and view a separate set of prices. You adjust the prices accordingly in this area as well.

Q: Can I have my cart connected to a tracking inventory system?

Yes! We can connect you to a third party application that tracks your inventory for you so if you are out of stock or discontinued, your cart will automatically be updated accordingly.

Q: I want to show more images than just one for my products, can I do this?

Yes. We can develop a module that will allow you to add multiple image views.
Example: http://taochifashion.com/index.php?link=products_details&id=2

Q: Is it good to have a ‘wish list’?

Certainly. A wish list will keep peoples information and a reason for them to come back to your website! If they can not make a purhcase yet, they can save thier information to come back and still be able to purchase what they saved.

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