About us
LM Designing is a very creative and up to date web development group that is constantly researching the latest news in web, programming and design. It is not just our job but an industry our team enjoys. With our interest, tools and knowledge, it has been a large factor that has contributed to our successful growth and has lead us to be one of the top leading web development companies.

Our services do not just stop with web site development and online SEO marketing but LM Designing offers everything in between.

  • Logo branding
  • Corporate stationary package including letterhead, envelope, brochure and business card design
  • Product packaging
  • Print production
  • Web site hosting and domain registration
  • Professional writing
  • On site photography (Los Angeles and New York)
  • Iphone and mobile applications

How we started and grew

Lisa Munoz is the self starter of LM Designing that began in 2002 while living with her parents and still attending college. Majoring in graphic design arts and web media, one of the early assignments was to create a personal website. Lisa Munoz, with her entrepreneur spirit, decided to make calls and try to sell a website at a discounted ‘college project’ price. The first 3 calls made, all three potential clients said yes! Lisa quickly saw the necessity of business owners and web development and the following week she filed for a business license and a DBA and has been doing it ever since. Now, LM Designing has a team of programmers, designers, consultation representatives, project managers, SEO and social media marketing experts and is still continuing to grow.

“Starting a company on my own really gave me the understanding of what people go through and what they need to be able to succeed. Anyone can start a business and be successful, I really believe that. There will be lots of trial and error! But as long as you have a clear direction and focus on your talent, find people that need your service, treat them well and do a good job, you can do it and be successful.”

What is our goal
Our goal is simply to be a good web design and marketing company. Web designers do not have a great reputation so we want to be that team that is reliable and trusted. Our reputation is very important to us as we get most of our business through referrals. We strive to really make each project an easy process for our clients.

Our goal is for people to say “LM Designing did a great job!”

Why we are good
LM Designing has a very solid understanding of what is fresh and new with the web world today. As this is a constant evolving and growing industry, we have to keep up with the latest trends in order to keep our clients up to date. With that said, our ability to create ecommerce packages, database, social networks, iphone applications, corporate and personal website and so much more comes easy to us. We know what works and what doesn’t!

We also have something that no other web development firm offers.
2 separate teams! Where we have specialized designers work on your design first, then transfer the file to our developers. That way you get the best of both worlds!

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