There are a number of different situations where you might have to write a history assignment in a half hour. In class writing assignments, standardized testing, and last minute papers are just a few of the most common situations where I wished I could have worked with an assignment maker, but this was simply not option. Trying to put together a good essay in 30 minutes is a tough task, but it can be done. The following is a step-by-step process for achieving this. You probably won’t have this resource available to you when you need to write something this quickly, so do your best to memorize the necessary steps to make this challenge doable.

Plan Your Writing Assignment

Craft a Strong Thesis Statement
You should have a clear idea of what the essay prompt requires of you. Underline any trigger words and craft a thesis statement that precisely tells the reader what you will be arguing. My assignment help from pros have always emphasized the need for a strong thesis, so be sure you revise accordingly.
Develop an Assignment Outline
Develop a rough outline of your planned assignment. You should make anticipate writing at least three body paragraphs – each one of which will present a supporting point to your main argument. You cannot spend too much time filling in all the details, so write out your examples and evidence in simple phrases.

Write the First Assignment Draft

Write the Body Quickly and Efficiently
Referencing the assignment outline, write the body paragraphs quickly and efficiently. Do not spend more than 15 minutes doing this and do not break your momentum by stopping to make corrections or trying to come up with the best way to state something. You will be able to make corrections later.
Write the Introduction and Conclusion
Write the introduction and conclusion. These should be easier to do now that the assignment has taken shape through the body paragraphs. A good help with assignment resource will emphasize the importance of starting with a hook and providing background information in addition to a closing summary.

Revise, Edit, and Proofread the Essay

Revise Your Written Content
After writing your rough draft you can begin to revise the content by identifying ways to strengthen the main argument. Think of it as an opportunity to rethink the information you communicate and how you communicate it. The three ways to do this most effectively is by adding, removing, or rearranging sections of the assignment.
Edit for Clarity and Concision
Editing is the process in which you look for ways to improve your writing by cutting out excessive words and phrases that can be expressed more clearly and concisely. Never choose a long word in place of a short word – your goal should be to make the assignment and argument easy to read and comprehend.
Proofread for Any Mistakes
The final 5 minutes should be spent carefully proofreading for any grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors you are likely to have made by rushing. Ideally, you would want a fresh set of eyes to do this for you, but under the circumstances you simply need to be diligent and go line by line to ensure your paper is free of mistakes.

I still prefer to have an expert do my assignment but this is really only a viable option when I am working on a take home assignment. In other situations where I have to complete something in class or under some kind of supervision, I am left to my own devices. The process above is highly effective and will certain be a great resource for you to apply.

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