Homework writing services have become quite popular in the last few years, offering a range of services from research to writing and from proofreading to editing. Although the sites may claim that the services are rendered by professional writers there simply is no guarantee.

Here are a few things you should know about detecting a bad writing, provided by this service:

Low prices should set off alarms.

While some companies might seem to be charging you too much, you should absolutely stay away from a writing service that charges too little. Consider how long it takes to research and write a paper on your own. Do you think you will be receive a quality paper for the just the few dollars you’ll spend at the cheapest writing service? Check several sites to find what the going rate for your type of paper is and consider checking with freelancers to see what they would charge.

No refunds or money-back guarantees.

Even though you still risk losing your money on a scam or fraud, you should at least ensure that the site you are selecting at least offers a money-back guarantee. Contact the company’s customer support and be sure to read the fine print on what the guarantees are. Many claim to deliver an A+ level paper but also state that the paper isn’t intended to be turned in. How exactly would you prove that the paper you received wasn’t of A+ quality if you can’t turn it in?

No proof of originality or plagiarism free papers.

You should already be aware of the consequences of plagiarism. By no means should you ever pass off a paper that isn’t yours as your own – or any part thereof – but you should also check that the paper you pay for isn’t plagiarized to begin with. Check to see what the service’s originality guarantee is and run your purchased paper through a few of the free online sites that check for plagiarism. You can never be too sure that your paper didn’t just come from a database of previously used essays.

Not knowing the writers.

Some sites will let you choose a writer. You have the opportunity to view a writer’s feedback, his or her history, and academic expertise. Bad homework writing sites will choose a writer for you and only make a vague mention of the writer’s abilities and qualifications. Don’t trust a company that isn’t forthcoming with all the details you need to make an informed decision. The reward isn’t worth the risk.

Finding a reputable homework writing service can be a very time consuming task. Hopefully, the tips above will help you to at least weed out some of the bad ones and save you from the awful experience of dealing with a writing service scam or fraud.

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