Math homework usually presents a real challenge for students. Not everyone can deal with it without external assistance. Even if you are good at math, it’s always useful to check your answers. Try to use the following sources that will help you with your assignment.

  • Answer keys.

    Textbooks often provide answer keys on the last pages. It’s a great way to check yourself when you have solved a problem or equation. Although answer pages give only the answers to the tasks, you can try to do a reverse calculation. Knowing the result, you can devise a way of calculation which will lead to the given answer.

  • Study manuals.

    Prior to doing your assignment, you are supposed to read a theory part or rules. They are usually followed by examples and step-by-step solutions. Read the entire material carefully and see their practical use. With clear understanding of the sequence of operations, you won’t have any trouble explaining your solution to your teacher.

  • Online problem solvers.

    There are different sites providing online math assignments help. Problem solvers can help you with tasks of any complexity. You just enter your problem, click the button, and get all possible solutions depending on the part of mathematics (basic math, algebra, or calculus). Usually online problem solvers give only the answer; to get the complete solution, you need to sign up.

  • Online textbook answers.

    If your textbook does not have an appendix with answers, then try to find it on the internet. Type in your search engine the name and the author of that book and add the word “answers” or “keys”. As with the printed answer keys, their online versions may contain misprints, so don’t consider them totally trustworthy.

  • Academic websites.

    Go to academic sites where students can discuss their assignments, ask questions, and share answers. The audience of such sites is comprised of those whom search for help and those whom are ready to answer the questions.

  • Check archives.

    You may be not the only one who can’t solve a particular problem or equation. Probably, some students asked for help with the same task as yours on education forums and got the answer. Look through the archive of queries; you’ll find there, if not the precise problem, then, at least, the solution of similar one.

  • Apps.
  • The use of education apps has become very popular in the studying process. Consider downloading a multifunctional calculator or problem solver to your device that will facilitate your work.

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