Lots of students today complain about the amount of homework they receive. Although it is meant to be of help, many say homework is ruining their experience of school.

While many teachers claim that they are simply following the guidelines of their superiors, the reality is that teachers can do something about it. The following are some things teachers can do to make homework better for students.

  • Explain the purpose behind the homework

Teachers do their best to finish everything scheduled for the quarter or semester. Unfortunately, in their attempt to do this, they often forget to explain the purpose behind the lessons and homework given. If teachers want students to appreciate their classes, it is important to share the relevance of what they are taught. This is particularly important in subjects like math, history, or language arts, where students cannot see the real-world application all the time. A simple explanation can convince them that their homework is worth doing.

  • Assign authentic homework

A good way of catching your class’s attention is to assign authentic homework. These are tasks with real-world applications. In science, for example, they can study problems pollution causes in their community and then come up with solutions. For English, they can write a letter to their mayor or congressman and send it in. For math, they can measure and compute the floor area of their home or even their dream home. Such assignments show students that what they are learning is not just theoretical, but that there are practical applications.

  • Give creative group work

Group work is a good way to catch the interest of learners since there are different dynamics when working as a team. However, if it is purely analytical, often the smartest ones are left to answer the assignment with the rest just waiting for the grade. But if there is an element of creativity, even if some analysis is involved, most groups find a way to ensure everyone has a part.

  • Do not always be too serious when grading everything

One way for students to feel bad about homework is when they constantly receive low grades, even for things like reflection essays, creative writing, or artwork. Sometimes teachers should just credit the effort and not always be particular about only giving high scores for quality work. Honor students will always put their best foot forward, so there is no need to worry about them becoming too lax. So if everybody gets a checkmark for submission, then even the problematic students may rethink their view about homework.

  • Use technology when you can

Today’s generation loves using technology. So if there is a way to give assignments that can be done online at https://domyhomeworknow.com/, or require graphics and other computer-related options, then do so. You may find they are more interested in such work compared to the usual pencil-and-paper homework.


If teachers want students to appreciate school more, they should do their part to make homework more relevant. So consider the tips above so your assignments will not feel like such a burden to your class.

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