Homework has been much maligned for quite some time. The arguments against it, however, have grown even stronger these last few years. Some sectors in society are promoting the importance of a school-life balance, similar to how businesses do the same for their employees.

Although there are valid points against it, parents and students must remember that if assigned properly, homework helps. Also, getting a proper help from 123Homework helps kids who are struggling with homework. The following are the top benefits of homework:

  1. It ensures mastery of the topics.

While the classroom lecture plays an important part in teaching kids, for the lessons to be remembered, there must be some form of application. Homework does this by providing extra practice at home where some problems are based on the lecture at school, while others may require additional research. In the end, as the student reads and applies what was taught, the topic is remembered.

  1. It teaches time management.

Time management is something busy parents have difficulty instilling in their children. This is why schoolwork helps because somebody else is regularly giving out tasks that need to be done soon. Though challenging at first, the more students do their assignments, the more they develop their routines, teaching them how to manage their time.

  1. It fosters resourcefulness.

When students are left on their own to figure out their assignments, they become more resourceful. They may study the examples in their books, consult online resources, or ask friends for assistance. Parents, however, need to guide their children and remind them of the importance of not cheating.

  1. It allows parents and children to bond.

While families might not think of homework as a fun way to bond, the reality is that some parents and kids do get to talk more because of it. So rather than ignoring one another because parents want some peace and quiet after a difficult day working, they are required to guide or even tutor their children. If done well, such time together may even become something children will look back at fondly. Thus, it would help if both looked at homework positively, such as one generation helping the next, so that tutoring becomes more of a helpful duty rather than an unwanted chore.

  1. It can get kids off their gadgets for a while.

As most students are seemingly glued to their gadgets – playing games or checking on their friends’ statuses, homework is a sure-fire way to get them focused on something else. Depending on the age level, it may mean no screen time at all as they are dedicated to answering something on paper or reading a book. Even if students need their computer to research, at least their minds are off the usual things they do – at least for an hour or so.


Homework does not have to be something negative for the family. If viewed positively by both students and parents, it can be something helpful for the development of the children and the strengthening of the family.

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